The 3 Rules of Marketing:

  1. Be Interesting
  2. Tell The Truth
  3. If You Can’t Tell The Truth, Change It So You Can.

-John Emory Powers


We know there are 3 parts to a successful law firm marketing campaign:

Click > Convert > Case

Part 1: Click

This part is on us 100%. Our efforts will lead prospective clients to your website, ads, and content.

We attract clients who are specifically looking for your practice area (high intent search), or who might be earlier in the research process (long tail search).

A high intent search is someone who types “car accident lawyer near me” or “Albuquerque injury attorney”. Long tail searchers type something like “can I get fired for filing workers comp?” or “how much should insurance pay for motorcycle wreck if it’s not my fault?”

Step 2: Convert

The Convert step is a joint effort by your marketing company and your law firm.

We will use conversion tools, lead tracking, heat mapping, live chat, ad targeting and other methods to bring a prospect to you. Your firm will use your intake & signup process to capture all of those leads and sign the cases you desire.

We work hand-in-hand with your firm on lead tracking & intake best practices, and help your firm improve along the way.

We developed our comprehensive CRM App, so you can track your firm’s progress right on your smartphone.

Step 3: Case

This is where you come in. You became a lawyer to practice law, and that’s what we want you focused on. We only work with high-quality firms who serve their clients well.

Our clients are data-driven, smart attorneys who maximize case values, work tirelessly for clients, and push the practice of law forward. Saul Goodman need not apply.